Become A Betty.

Betty started out as midwife and farmer, until Living Goods came along. They gave her the opportunity to become a health promoter, caring for others and earning a living selling essential health projects at affordable prices.

Because of Betty's tenacity, hard-work and spirit, she has excelled. Now, she runs the most-profitable branch in Uganda, and manages 70 health promoters in surrounding villages.

One Month. One Goal.

We want to raise $170,000 to hire more Betty's. We know it's a big number.* But we know it's achievable, if we rally enough people who share our vision. We need people who believe in teaching others to fish. Who are focused on seeing impact and results. Who think with compassionate hearts and business minds. And those few who understand that creating jobs is the backbone to alleviating extreme poverty forever.

How You Can Help.

1. Become A Betty. Fundraise with us. Use your influence to educate and inspire others to action. We can't do this without you!
2. Donate $42 to buy a new health worker her first uniform and tote bag. Get her started!
3. Donate $120 to provide health training classes for one woman. Women accepted to be health promoters are leaders in their communities, but they require health classes to properly diagnose and treat patients. Give her the skills. Invest in her.

Living Goods is the "Avon of Africa"

Like us, they think big. They currently employ over 650 female health promoters in Uganda. In the next five years, they want to scale to 5,000 health promoters, serving 3 million people across Africa.

*Why $170,000?

It's also the number of moms in Africa who die in childbirth each year in Africa. 80% of those deaths are preventable.


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